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Our kids are more PRECIOUS THAN  GOLD

Introducing GNET and Jase, aka "the Hulk"

Introducing GNET and Jase, aka "the Hulk"

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People can't help if they don't care.  And they can't care if they don't know.  Help us TURN EAST TEXAS GOLD in September for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  Help us be a voice for those who have no voice.



Childhood Cancer treatment is as toxic and devastating as the disease it's meant to treat.  We believe that raising funds for better treatments will impact the future of children with cancer around the world.


Kids can't fight cancer alone.  And neither can families.  If you are an East Texas family affected by Childhood Cancer, that means you are traveling for treatment, therapy, tests, and prescriptions. We want to connect families for support along the way. 

Connecting East Texas families affected by Childhood Cancer


"Your child has cancer."  When you hear those words, your life is changed forever.  No one can truly understand, except other families who have walked this unthinkable path.  

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